Konge Mithridates I af Media Atropatene

Konge Mithridates I af Media Atropatene

Mand -100 - -66

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  • Navn Mithridates I af Media Atropatene  [1
    • Atropatene (in Old Iranian: Ātṛpātakāna; in Greek: Ἀτροπατηνή), also known as Media Atropatene, was an ancient kingdom established and ruled under local ethnic Iranian dynasties, first with Darius III of Persia and later Alexander the Great of Macedonia[1] starting in the 4th century BC and includes the territory of modern-day northern Iran[2]. Its capital was Ganzak. Atropatene also was the nominal ancestor of the name of the historic Azerbaijan region in Iran.[3]
    Titel Konge 
    Død -66  [1
    Født -100  [1
    Køn Mand 
    Person-ID I2659  hollinger
    Sidst ændret 18 mar. 2020 

    Familie Prinsesse Datter af Armenia 
    +1. Konge Ariobarzanes I af Media Atropatene,   f. -85,   d. -4
    Sidst ændret 18 mar. 2020 
    Familie-ID F994  Gruppeskema  |  Familietavle

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